We work extensively within the public sector, often dealing with inclusion and regeneration issues. Our approach involves participants pro-actively rather than as passive viewers. Particularly within areas undergoing regeneration, video is an excellent tool for gathering the views, concerns and feelings of communities in which the surroundings they are used to are dramatically changing.

Project Examples
Newtown Through Children's Eyes, Holte Centre, Groundwork

Newtown through Children's Eyes is a docu-drama, based on art and video workshops with 8 - 14 year olds focusing on social and environmental issues.
The film voiced a variety of concerns that the children had about their inner city estate.

VHS, 15 minutes, 1998.
Screened on ITV, '98 + ArtsFest '99.

Nought to Four and More, Sure Start

Nought to Four and More is a film to promote the services of Sure Start. The use of video as a promotional tool was a very effective method of raising awareness about Sure Start in small town communities in the East Midlands.

"We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. The video does exactly what we briefed you to do…..I was particularly impressed with how quickly you got a feel for our community and the sensitivity you all demonstrated…I will continue to spread the word of your excellent work to colleagues in community based projects such as ours."
Tony Richardson
Sure Start Programme Manager

VHS, 11 min, 2002.

Children's Voices, Birmingham Children's Fund

A short video commissioned by the Birmingham Children's Fund, giving an introduction to their services, aims and intentions. Made primarily for a conference on inclusion this video features children who have been involved in consultations with the Fund.

Commissioned by Birmingham Children's Fund
VHS, 6:30 min, 2002.
Mansfield Woodhouse Community CD-ROM, New Perspectives

This project aimed to contribute to Mansfield Woodhouse's community spirit, to inform people about the Renewal Area and to work with community groups and individuals to collate information about Mansfield Woodhouse past and present using digital technology.

The CD-ROM was constructed "in the field", using our mobile multi-media production kit, working in schools, community centers, at table top sales and even in an allotment shed to try and include representatives from all walks of life.

Using a variety of media, including narrative, pictures and video, the CD-ROM portrays local individuals, special interest groups and gives an insight into local history and planned future developments.

Commissioned by New Perspectives, with funding from Mansfield District Council Urban Renewal Scheme.
CD-ROM, approx. 120 pages. 2001.
Dream Youth Club-Walsall Community Arts Team

A sci-fi drama made by young people in Harden, launched at Walsall New Art Gallery

It's About Time were asked to document a range of youth activities in a creative way. In a series of workshops with young people, the idea of 'A Gateway' was chosen to build an imaginative framework for the documentation of the activities. The video not only explores young people's feelings about their local area but also features their idea of a Dream Youth Club.

The young people developed video production skills and took part in an exciting range of activities that are featured in the video.

"Using the arts as a tool, this project tackled neighbourhood issues and social exclusion in a highly innovative and successful way. The process enabled young people to make choices and find their own voices whilst providing their ideas and aspirations for the future. The format of video is the perfect vehicle to facilitate this kind of process, when in the hand of good, professional arts workers."
Maxwell Bailey
Community Arts Principal Officer, Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council
VHS, 13 min, 2000 - 2001

Cleaner and Greener, Groundwork Birmingham

A short documentary about the physical improvement works undertaken by Groundwork Birmingham in conjunction with New Deal for Communities in Kings Norton.

The video documents the process of consultation with local residents and businesses before, during and after the building works on three shopping centres.

The video allowed local residents and businesses to air their views. The planners and architects used the first stage video (initial consultation) as a tool to finalise their plans for improvements.

The final video, featuring all three stages, was useful in reminding both the community and the contractors about the positive environmental and social changes the project had brought about. Cleaner & Greener gives a balanced view of the local residents' aspirations and concerns. Groundwork Birmingham uses the video not only within the confines of the project but also as a resource and as a potential model for future consultation projects.

VHS, 18 min, 2001.