Our creative and participatory approach is also applied to our corporate work. In this way we are able to create fresh ideas in what can sometimes be a tired genre of filmmaking. We make films with companies rather than simply about them.

Project Examples
Under River and Rail, Transco

A short documentary about the directional drilling of the River Towy in Camarthen, as part of the Pontyates to Bancyfelin Gas Pipeline 2001. The film was used to inform other engineers about the innovative techniques used in the health and safety training.

Commissioned by TRANSCO
Co-produced with VIVA VIDEO
VHS, 11 min. 2002

The Diddington Lane Incident

What should have been a routine job….
Reconstructing the events surrounding an explosive fire on a service, this short training video covers the key points learnt from this incident, highlighting the importance of: following procedures, making on-going site specific risk assessments, appropriate and well maintained PPE and Safety Equipment and its proper use. It was filmed with the real people involved.

Commissioned by Transco
Co-produced with VIVA VIDEO
VHS. 10 min. 2002
QSMP (Marketing),CD-ROM - Sales report

QSMP wanted a new approach for their end of year presentation to one of their clients, a major blue chip manufacturer. Instead of the usual PowerPoint presentation with dry text we created a CD ROM with 3D graphics representing sales figures interspersed with video footage of a typical day in the life of one of QSMP's sales staff, showing the management how the money is made. The staff felt represented and appreciated. The music even included a re-mix of one of their clients' ads from the 1970's - one of the best-known theme tunes in advertising history.

Linear CD-ROM presentation, 2000.

Necessary Evil, Napalm Death

Working with band member Mitch Harrison and his video footage of the band we edited this promotional video which appeared on MTV Europe and other cable and Internet channels.

VHS, 3 minutes, 2001.