One of the main thrusts of the company is the production of 'Social Art', art that positively influences and reflects social change.

Video is an extremely effective advocacy tool for disenfranchised groups, allowing people to speak to the viewer directly about issues affecting them. It can help to break down stereotypes, inform people about the lives and lifestyles of others and allow hidden voices to be heard.

Project Examples
24/7, Cadbury College

24/7 is a short film about the realities of teenage motherhood, made with young women who speak from their own experience. In a dramatised format, the young mums share their stories not only to educate other young people to make an informed choice, but also to challenge stereotypes and perceptions of teenage parenthood.

In hands-on video workshops, facilitated and directed by artists Claudette Chambers and Sabine Gollner, the group of young women (of the South Birmingham Family Service Unit) produced an impressive account of how their lives have been affected by having children whilst still in their teens.

"(24/7 was) excellent in kick starting good quality debate and discussion about the ..issues. struck a particular chord with 15/16 year olds, who were clearly shaken by it, and also very impressed with the way the young mums coped so well"
Chris Fogg
New Perspectives
Commissioned by South Birmingham Family Service Unit.
VHS, 12 min, 2000.

Life is…?, St Basils Resettlement Centre

A docu-drama that dispels stereotypes of youth homelessness, and aims to inform other young people about issues that could affect us all.

The video combines drama, improvisation and documentary footage to produce a challenging account of life on the streets, which inevitably looks at controversial issues such as abuse, begging, crime and drugs.

LIFE IS...? was created in a series of hands-on video workshops with 'Breathe In', a group of young adults affected by homelessness, based at St. Basil's Resettlement Centre, 1999-2000.

Funded by a Millennium Grant by M-Power, Prince's Youth Trust.
VHS, 15 minutes, 2000.

Winner of 'Best Documentary' at the Fresh Youth Film Festival, 2003

Moving on, Emmaus Trust

MOVING ON is a short film about youth homelessness issues in the rural community of Newark, made with young adults. It aimed to raise awareness with the general public. The film was produced in a series of video and animation workshops with young adults who live in supported accommodation at the Newark Emmaus Trust.

The video outlines some of the conflicts between teenagers and adults, which may lead to young people becoming homeless, based on the real-life experience of the participants. Containing drama, documentary and animation elements, this is an entertaining short film from the perspective of young people, aimed at teenagers and adults.

The young adults filmed much of the footage themselves. They enjoyed interviewing both local residents and specialists in youth homelessness.

"My main reason for taking part in this video production is because I want people to understand what it is really like to be young and homeless. I wanted my story to be heard, because maybe somebody can learn from this experience."
Yvonne of the video group

"I would like to congratulate you on the making of …"Moving On". Everyone has been highly impressed by the skills of production, which was lively, imaginative and fast moving… It was a moving film, which yet avoided sentimentality…Many thanks"
Clive Morrissey
Chairman, Newark Emmaus Trust

The project was funded by Newark and Sherwood District Council and New Perspectives.
VHS, 15 minutes, 2002.

Getting Out

Getting Out is about the role of advocates: people who communicate with and on behalf of people with learning difficulties. Containing both drama and documentary elements, this short film, tackles serious issues that confront people with learning difficulties in their everyday lives. The film explores both good and bad advocacy. Getting Out was produced in a series of drama and video workshops with 'Team Work', a group of adults with learning difficulties, co-ordinated by Full Potential Arts.

"Wonderful and inspiring to watch. The situations seemed very relevant and offered additional insight into the day to day experiences of people who have learning disabilities" "Show it to bus drivers, housing associations, show it to everyone"
Visitors to the launch event.

Commissioned by People in Partnership and Full Potential Arts, 1999-2000.
VHS, 10 min, 2000.