Essential to our company is the fact that we are both practicing artists in our own right and engagement and collaboration with other artists is important as it informs our practice. One of our favorite genres is artists documentaries - as artists ourselves, we understand and appreciate process and development as well as outcomes.

Project Examples
Transformations, Arts in Sandwell

Transformations was an arts project, which took part in summer 2002 at 12 venues across Sandwell. Young people were invited to collaborate with artists to transform spaces, places and people. The video visits all of the venues and shows preparation, process and outcomes. Participants, artists and organisers all comment and discuss their transformations.

This documentary is an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to run multi art form, innovative arts projects with young people.

Commissioned by Arts in Sandwell.
VHS, 16:00 mins, 2002.

Sense of Occasion, Craftspace Touring

This video accompanied the innovative craft exhibition 'A Sense of Occasion', which was launched at the Midlands Arts Centre before touring the UK. The video features work by five of the exhibitors, placed within the context of the rituals and ceremonies for which they were made. Artists featured are: Jutta Stahlhacke, Julia Ingle, Maria Hanson, Vanetta Mala Seecharran and Grayson Perry.

Directed by Sabine Gollner and Nigel Amson of It's Time Productions. Produced by Glynis Powell in association with VIVID.
VHS, 11 min, 1999.

Alisha Miller - TRANSIT ART 2

In summer 2002, artist Alisha Miller undertook an arts project of an unusual nature. Her aim to create art away from traditional art gallery settings eventually led Alisha to research the haulage industry. Inspired by the truck drivers' skills and personalities, she designed artwork to be displayed on a truck, traveling the country. The video accompanies Alisha Miller on her journey and documents her work in all its stages.

Commissioned by Alisha Miller.
VHS, 14:30 min, 2002.
Intervention Pre-View

In this pre-view, internationally renowned top presenter Mart E. Knee gives an in- depth analysis of INTERVENTION, an Art Project, Happening and Exhibition in Handsworth, Birmingham, UK. Five derelict houses were customised and used by 60 artists as a gallery space for a three week exhibition.

VHS, 11 min, 2002.

Natures Gallery CD ROM, Gallery in the Trees.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Natures Gallery is a unique collection of animations, video and artwork, produced in a series of participatory Multi-Media Workshops.

Based on the theme of a 'Museum and Art Gallery for Animals and Plants', more than 70 participants from all over Birmingham, both old and young, developed and produced ideas for Nature's Gallery. They tell fables of how human presence affects animal life in the Lickey Hills, trying to present the animal's point of view. Through the artwork the participants produced, they tried to imagine what animals and plants would exhibit in Nature's Gallery.

Commissioned by Gallery in the Trees Produced by Digital Media Artist Sabine Gollner. It was exhibited in the Lickey Hills as part of "The View Belongs To Everyone".