Formed in 1997, It's About Time Productions is run by a core team from their Birmingham based studio. Working with a wide network of associates, we are able to provide any skills necessary, including camera operators, sound recordists, 3-D Graphic Designers, web designers, drama workers, etc.

Nigel Amson

Nigel is a multi- media artist and musician specialising in photo montage and soundtrack production.
Nigel creates all the original soundtracks for It's About Time Productions as well as conducting workshops, teaching and video post-production.
Nigel has a BA (Hons) in Art and Design and is the Creative Director for It's About Time Productions.

Sabine Gollner

Originally trained as an architect (B.Arch. Hons), Sabine is a painter and installation artist, though she is also trained in TV and video production as well as media management.
Her main role is as project manager as well as workshop artist for It’s About Time Productions

"I have a strong commitment and belief in participatory arts practice, which shapes the foundation of my approach. Negotiation and collaboration are important elements of my practice. Starting off as a more traditional artist, I was quite sceptical towards new technologies, but when I started to use them, I quickly realised what opportunities digital media could offer.

I believe that the secret of making good use of digital technologies is to know when and where it is appropriate to use them and when more traditional methods might be more useful."
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